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What do you see when you look beyond the Horizon?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Change begins within when you courageously challenge the boundaries that have constrained you.

Authors: Dennis A. Masseit & Myriam Perosa

Man in cage looking at the horizon
Stepping out of the cage is a choice

Every moment of your life is a testament to the boundless power of your beliefs, decisions and actions. The reality you're in, the life you're living, it's not a random set of circumstances thrown together. Rather, it is a meticulously crafted tapestry, woven with threads of your choices, painted with colors of your beliefs.

Every single decision has shaped the path that led you to where you stand today.

Look around you. What do you see?

Your surroundings, the people in your life, your successes, your challenges – they are all reflections of past decisions, the echoes of your former selves. Yet, they do not define your future. They are but stepping stones on the path you've been walking, not the destination.

The reality you live in is not set in stone

Remember, the canvas of your life is never complete, and it is you who hold the brush. Each decision you make, each belief you adopt or discard, adds a new stroke to your masterpiece. Every thought, every action, every single moment is an opportunity for you to shape your reality, to repaint your horizon, to recolor your world.

Now, ask yourself this:

What do you see when you look beyond the horizon?

Beyond the horizon, there is no blueprint, no predetermined path. There are no constraints, no predefined limits to what you can achieve or who you can become. There is a world of boundless opportunities, waiting for you to seize them, to weave them into your life’s tapestry.

The horizon is not a barrier but a gateway to new beginnings

In this uncharted territory, the power of your beliefs and decisions come to the fore.

You have an inner compass, that can guide you towards new experiences and successes, towards a future you’ve always envisioned for yourself. It can help you overcome obstacles, turn setbacks into stepping stones, and transform challenges into opportunities.

Your reality is dynamic, not static.

It is changeable, not immutable. It’s a beautiful, endless dance between your beliefs and your decisions, and it's a dance only you can lead. Each step, each twirl, each decision, each belief, changes the rhythm, altering your reality, guiding you towards a new horizon.

You're not bound by the reality you live in

You are not a prisoner of your past decisions, nor are you chained by your current beliefs. In your hands, you hold the keys to change. It's never too late to change your beliefs, to make new decisions, to transform your reality and to discover what you really are.

But to embark on this journey, you must dare...

... to see beyond the limits imposed by doubt and fear. You must cultivate a vision that transcends the barriers of the present and embraces the vastness of the future. Your gaze must be unwavering, your belief unshakable, and your determination relentless.

Beyond the horizon lies a world of boundless opportunities

Step forward. Embrace change. Believe in your power to reshape your reality. Your new horizon awaits. Harness the courage to chase it, for your reality is but a reflection of your inner world, waiting to be transformed by you.

Discover and embrace the magic that lies within you.

About the Authors:

Myriam Perosa possesses an impressive ability to quickly identify the causes and triggers of life dynamics or physical symptoms, which makes her an unparalleled "human diagnostic tool." What's even more impressive is that one of her screenings has been confirmed by a human genetics laboratory, thereby proving the credibility and effectiveness of her ability.

Dennis A. Masseit brings extensive coaching experience and broad expertise in a variety of disciplines. He has worked with top executives, athletes, and others, and has also lectured at universities and colleges.

Together, Myriam and Dennis have achieved success in cases where conventional methods have either not helped or are no longer effective. They consistently push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of human health and well-being.

Learn more about the work of MasseitPerosa


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