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About Singers, Actors and Award winning radio speakers

The Singer

An emotionally distressed singer, on the brink of suicide, found a lifeline in Dennis and Myriam's unique method. People around him, concerned for his well-being, urged him to reach out to Myriam and Dennis.


After conducting a thorough metaphysical analysis, they decided to perform the CleanUp process with him. This single intervention became a turning point in the singer's life.

The CleanUp process enabled him to detach from the non-supportive metaphysical information that was causing him deep distress and exacerbating his suicidal tendencies. It was a shift in his metaphysical system that allowed him to find a renewed sense of life, joy, and strength within himself.


Not only did he find the courage to keep living, but he also discovered ways to handle the external pressures of his career more effectively. The intense feelings of despair that once consumed him gradually lessened, replaced by a newfound resilience and love for life. Dennis and Myriam's intervention not only saved the singer's life but also equipped him with the tools to navigate life's challenges in a healthier and more empowering way.

The Skydiver

One of Dennis and Myriam's clients provides a vivid illustration of how their unique approach can help individuals overcome deeply ingrained fears. This client had taken up skydiving with the goal of conquering her fears, but she had hit a wall. She was unable to advance to the next level because of a fear-based barrier that stopped her from performing a required exercise.


This is where Dennis and Myriam's method came into play. They guided the client through the CleanUp process, helping her clear away non-supportive metaphysical information. They also connected her with her metaphysical entity of fear and taught her how to interact with it in a supportive way.


When the day of her next skydiving appointment arrived, the client employed the techniques she had learned. She reached out to her fear, not in opposition but in partnership, thanking it for its protective role and reassuring it that she was safe. Right before she jumped out of the plane, she reached out to her fear again, saying, 'Thank you for warning me. But everything is okay. Take my hand, and let's enjoy this jump together.'


With that, she jumped, successfully completed the exercise that had been eluding her, and advanced to the next level in skydiving. This significant breakthrough was made possible by the methods and techniques she had learned from Dennis and Myriam.

The Radio Speaker

One of Dennis and Myriam's standout cases involves a radio speaker who had been struggling with self-doubt and feeling trapped in her own persona. Despite her talent, she felt like she was constantly in a state of battle with herself.


Understanding the struggles she was going through, Dennis and Myriam employed their unique method and taught her how to perform the CleanUp to detach from the non-supportive metaphysical information. They also helped her understand how to interact with her metaphysical system and various aspects of her personality that had been causing her distress.


Within just a few months, her transformation was apparent not just to her but to those around her. The owner of the radio station where she worked noticed a significant improvement in the quality of her broadcasts. She was more confident, expressive, and true to herself on-air. Her newfound self-assurance and mastery over her fears and doubts led to her winning one of the highest awards in her category.


The change in this radio speaker's life and career speaks to the power of Dennis and Myriam's methods. Their work can fundamentally shift people's relationship with their own metaphysical system, leading to personal breakthroughs and professional success.


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