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Exploring the Contrasts and Relationship between Metaphysical, Energetic and Mental Work

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

What powerful connections could exist between metaphysical, energetic and mental work? How could understanding and utilizing all three of these forms of work help us to achieve more wellbeing, success and satisfaction in our lives? Read on to explore the tight relationship between these three forms of work and how they can be used.

About the authors:

Myriam Perosa as the gift and knowledge to precisely read metaphysical systems and to receive any answers she requires. The correctness of what she receives has even been proven by a human genetic laboratory.

Dennis A. Masseit as a coach trained in many specialist areas, has profound know-how and years of experience. He has lectured at universities and worked with numerous top managers and top athletes.

They are teaching people around the world how to consciously interact with their proper metaphysical system, thus neutralizing all the burdensome information among other things.


Every part of our body, each cell is composed of both physical and metaphysical parts that are connected and influence each other. Similarly, this also applies to our mental part. The understanding of this can open up unimaginable possibilities.

So let us first discover what this "mysterious" metaphysical system is and how it influences our lives and our brains' activity.

To gain a better comprehension of the distinctions between Metaphysical, Energetic, and Mental Work, imagine you were the proprietor of a sizable company with numerous employees—that would be your metaphysical system.

Understanding the Metaphysical System - Accessing the Source of our wellbeing and suffering

The Metaphysical System is a complex network of information particles and other components that exist beyond the physical world and interact with our physical bodies. It's like a mega factory, where the information stored in the particles is like a Work instruction of the „employees"and as such influences their activity.

Our emotions, such as fear, anger, or sadness, originate in the Metaphysical System! "Fear" can have a high level of metaphysical activity due to the content of the information particles, even though we may not consciously feel it.

Turning back to the example of our company, this implies that just because you are unaware of the electrician's work does not mean that he is not active in your company. You might only realize that he is working when the electricity suddenly goes out. Thus, metaphysical activity can weaken parts of our body and even cause physical symptoms such as pain, without us being aware of it!

The interaction between the information particles and the "workers" of this mega "factory" produces dynamics whose results manifest in our lives as concrete life situations, physical symptoms, or even diseases.

By understanding how to access and interact correctly with the metaphysical system in order to reorganize it, each individual can easily remove blocks, change their emotional state almost instantaneously, or activate their self-healing abilities.

As our metaphysical system is the source of our wellbeing and the source of our suffering, this understanding can completely change our life experience.

How can mental work alone be insufficient when attempting to bring about meaningful and lasting changes?

Trying to achieve significant changes with only mental work is like sending a 14 year old child to restructure a company and then wondering why it doesn't work.

Even though the mind works independently, it is interconnected with the metaphysical system. For us and our "mega factory," the mind is like an independent Subsidiary.

The Problem:

Our brain and its mental parts do not know what is going on in the metaphysical system - and the metaphysical system hardly knows what is going on in real life. Both merely experience the effects of the work of the other side, without knowing the reasons for it. There is a lack of awareness on both sides.

Mental work alone is often not sufficient or takes too long when attempting to bring about meaningful and lasting changes, especially for complex situations such as altering personality traits or limiting beliefs. The work on the metaphysical system enables us to consciously change almost anything that has an influence on our being and our lives.

How we experience our lives is mostly the result of the information stored in our metaphysical system, which can influence the way we feel and lead us into concrete life situations from the very beginning of our lives, and even form beliefs without us having ever made any experience ourselves.

How can metaphysical information form our beliefs?

Some of the emotional content of the life situations of our ancestors, known as transgenerational inheritance, are metaphysical connections between us and our ancestors' information particles that work in us as if it were our own experience. These connections are built in a very early stage of our lives, when we are still in our mother's womb.

This transgenerational inheritance can affect our behavior, emotions, personality traits, and even form beliefs.

It is true that mental work can help us change our beliefs, but information such as transgenerational inheritance is stored in the metaphysical system, not in the brain.

If we remove a limiting belief without addressing the cause, the information particles will likely lead to the reappearance of the old belief.

Therefore, if we work with the metaphysical system, we can address the real causes of our problems. Just because it contains more information than the brain. And then we can let go of everything at once, without having to look at any of our experiences in detail. Even all limiting beliefs can be replaced simultaneously through the metaphysical system.

The perfect symbiosis of metaphysical and mental-work

If you are the owner of a mega factory and have a certain objective, but none of your staff knows what you are striving for, what are the chances of you actually reaching it?

Although our metaphysical side has a profound effect on our lives, we still inhabit a physical world, which means that we must use our minds to make decisions. But in order to get the most out of life, we should integrate the metaphysical aspects, since they can prevent us from taking a certain action. If we communicate with them, explain our motivations, and increase their understanding of our goals, it is more probable that we will succeed.

How to perfectly combine metaphysical and mental work

Techniques such as awareness and gratefulness can help us to better live in the moment, but there are really powerful ways on how to combine mental work with the metaphysical system.

Strategic Mental Support

When it comes to manifesting our desired future, we can use the metaphysical system to construct the path towards our goal (through resonance), while an external coach can provide us with the support we need to formulate and implement the necessary steps to take action and progress along the road created by the metaphysical system. By the way, our metaphysical system can make us feel which way to go, as it also acts like a compass.

Motivational Support

It is normal to sometimes feel stuck and exhausted at times during the journey, as our minds always seek security and clarity. Although our metaphysical system can 'see' how everything is interconnected, our minds cannot yet perceive it, which can be frustrating. In such cases, knowledge of how things work and additional motivational techniques can help us to overcome these moments of waiting or inertia. Be aware that in such situations you can access your metaphysical system to share your frustration and then be surprised at how powerful this interaction can be. It can literally change our feeling instantly.

Energetic Work - Supporting the metaphysical System

The term „Energetic Work“ is used to describe a variety of metaphysical practices that involve manipulating, balancing, and working with ENERGY that might help heal physical and emotional issues.

As the metaphysical system is capable of creating physical symptoms and diseases, it can also heal the body when the primary cause is no longer present.

According to our experience, the primary source of physical symptoms, emotional states, recurring life situations, and illnesses is the content of the information particles.

Working consciously with the metaphysical system, one can direct its components towards a shared goal: recovery. It is even possible to modify the activities of our cells through the metaphysical system, as we have seen while working with our clients, and laboratory reports have documented. But no-one can do that better than the person itself!

Although it is always best to work on one's own metaphysical system, as this makes any intervention faster and more thorough, this is not always possible. In such cases, a qualified external practitioner can be an excellent choice.

What is the role of an external Energetic-Practitioner in the healing process?

A qualified Energy Practitioner can...

  • support the work of the respective metaphysical system

  • lead the metaphysical system to an increased self-awareness

  • release tensions and contribute to temporary physical, mental and metaphysical relaxation

  • release blocked energy flow

  • support and promote healing and/or self-healing on a physical level

  • encourage the respective metaphysical system to process boycotting information which may be the cause of various life problems.



External energy worker should limit themselves to supporting and accompanying the processes of the metaphysical system while allowing it to do its own work.

They should never intervene with the intention of wanting to remove something from the system! Our experience has taught us that this can cause more harm than good.

The metaphysical system itself is best equipped to identify and remove whatever needs to be taken out, as it knows the connections and is capable of doing so.


Conclusion: Harnessing the Mind and Metaphysical System for Optimal Outcomes

It is the balance and harmonious relationship between our mind and metaphysical parts that allows for “miracles” to take place.

When we learn and understand how to tap into the wisdom of our metaphysical system combined with the power of our brain and mind, we can begin to unlock the potential of our inner strength. It is within us that we find the courage to take risks, the strength and solutions to overcome obstacles, and the faith to believe in the impossible. Miracles are not something that happens to us, but something that we create for ourselves. Because ‚miracles‘ always initiate in us.


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