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Emotional contagion: the more empathic, the more at risk

Many people, but especially very emphatic ones, have a high affinity to make the emotions of others their own. Without even knowing it or wanting to. Sometimes with serious consequences. But what is emotional contagion and what impact can it have?

Pregnancy test: POSITIVE! I could hardly believe it at the time. I was happy and deeply sad at the same time. A sadness that I couldn't even explain to myself. So I looked for rational reasons that could have explained this sadness. "Is it because my personal freedom might now be restricted? Because I can't go out or travel anymore?" Nonsense. Having a child changes your life, but it doesn't mean the death of life or the end of freedom. You just have to organize yourself differently.

I had no rational way of dealing with this sadness. So other ways had to be consulted, with which I could get to the root of the matter. And so I did. Result: "fear of loss!" I was astonished. It was a fear that I could lose the child (someday and somehow) - that the child could die. But fear of loss was never an issue for me (at least until then). What on earth had gotten into me?

It was my own mother's sadness that had literally 'gotten into me'. A sadness that came to me - into my metaphysical system - when I was just a few days old.

In our village at that time, a schoolchild died after being run over by a bus. In a small place where everybody knows everyone, the news of this tragedy spread in no time, also reached my mother and triggered a deep grief in her. Due to the intimate connection between mother and baby (that was me), this feeling of grief reached me and was now present as information in my metaphysical system. And there it lingered - it remained inactive. Until that moment when I held the positive pregnancy test in my hand. My metaphysical system thus activated my own sadness, due to an information which was not mine (!) and which had nothing at all to do with me personally! If I had not been able to see through this and to dissolve it, I would probably never have been able to really enjoy my daughter. This extraneous sadness would probably have eventually brought fear into the arena, which might have had an enormous impact on more than just my own life. Since emotions and feelings influence our behavior, I might also have severely restricted my daughter's childlike 'freedom' - fearing that I would have to experience sadness.

When taking over such external information, our own metaphysical system establishes connections with information particles of another person, respectively his metapyhsical system.

This type of connection occurs preferably between parents and child - among other things, this has something to do with the child's loyalty to the parents. But these are by no means the only relationships in which the adoption of extraneous information occurs. It happens between partners, friends, colleagues, or even between people who don't know each other at all.

The principle: The more emphatic a person is, the higher the affinity for adopting other people's feelings

In most cases, such metaphysical connections arise without us even noticing. And that's exactly what makes it so dangerous. Because suddenly we feel something that has nothing at all to do with us. Or we suddenly perceive our own experienced situations much more emotionally, because such emotional contagions can intensify our own feelings. Such connections are like pirates who capture a ship, can bring it under control or even make it sink. Quite often such emotional contagions are also causes for physical symptoms.

And even if we separate physically (I go home, you go home), the adopted feelings remain in our metaphysical system. So the physical distance is irrelevant!

Sometimes we may also perceive such foreign connections.

For example, if we are listening to someone and suddenly get a headache, feel nauseous, or feel drained all at once, it could be an indication of an emotion contagion.

If we, as listeners, empathize with the situation of the other person, we not only open our ears, but also the 'barriers' of our metaphysical system and thus open the door to other people's feelings.

But you should not believe that the others would become 'lighter' or would have to carry less, just because you have taken over their 'feelings'. We do not take a burden from them! But WE become heavier! It is as if we received a copy of their 'information', which then provides the working instructions for our own metaphysical system and ultimately our emotions / feelings.

Emotional contagion as trigger of physical disorders

However, it is often the case that acquired external information does not become noticeable as a feeling at all, but rather 'discharges' itself unnoticed over years, for example onto a part of the body, weakening or damaging it. The results may someday be noticed as physical symptoms (physical disorders), without ever having felt the slightest hint of anger, sadness, etc. caused by the emotion contagious.

Eating habits can also be influenced by extraneous information (currently we are working with such a case). In interaction with other information (for example from past incarnations or personal experiences) emotional contagion can trigger dynamics that influence our entire life - without us even noticing it.



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It is important to understand ...

Point 1: Such connections always arise from ourselves and our metaphysical system! It is never the other one who ' docks ' with us - even if this is often believed. And therefore we can protect ourselves also easily from it - respectively not enter such connections at all.

Point 2: Although there are different possibilities to protect ourselves from such emotional contagions, such a protection works (if it works) only from the moment it is activated. Everything what was taken over up to the 'activation time', however, remains in the metaphysical system - as long as these connections are not decoupled!


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Dennis A. Masseit as a coach trained in many specialist areas, has profound know-how and years of experience in dealing with people and in resolving difficult issues quickly, sustainably and efficiently. He has lectured at universities and worked with numerous top managers and top athletes.



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