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A Journey Called Life - Simply Explained

Updated: May 30, 2023

Yes, our life is a journey. However, most people live this voyage of discovery like a captain who has everything but knows nothing about anything. And then they wonder why their life goes the way it does. But what actually influences our journey? On what basis do we, as captains, take our decisions?

We, Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit, want to take on the role of a lighthouse for a moment to bring some light into the darkness. No, despite now the light that the lighthouse will emit, there will not be any 'enlightenment' here, sorry! For the lighthouse is outside! 'Enlightenment' can however (if applicable) only take place within. With 'enlightenment' meaning nothing but gaining deeper knowledge. However, the lighthouses we encounter in life can be very helpful - if we pay attention to them. They can help us to gain knowledge, show us a direction, keep our ship from running aground or crashing into the rocks. The ultimate decision of how to deal with these signals of light however needs to be taken by each captain himself.

So it is not the case that the 'universe' is constantly placing obstacles in our voyage, so that we can learn how to sail around them. Nor is it correct that we get to experience storms until we can maneuver the ship correctly.

No! It is we ourselves that maneuver into such scenarios – due to unawareness.

Why this may be so, we shall now attempt to explain in more detail.

Word ahead!!!

Short and simple, a word in advance - for a better understanding:

We human beings do not only consist of what we can see and touch - that is, of matter - but our matter emerges from a gigantic metaphysical system consisting of an infinite number of information particles. And: this metaphysical system has its own consciousness. We as human beings are only a small part - even if very important - of this system. We are, to put it simply, the final product.

All that we feel and experience is always only the end result of processes and dynamics that take place in our metaphysical system and of which we usually notice nothing.

Well, almost nothing. Because we experience the effects of these processes.

Just as every human being is an individual, so is their respective metaphysical system. And all these individual systems are part of a much bigger system from which everything emerges.

When we start to see ourselves as part of a much larger system, we can begin to really understand ourselves and our lives. Then unimagined possibilities open up for us.

To make it understandable what this really means and how we humans usually live our lives, let's describe it in a simple and figurative way.

The captain who has everything but knows nothing about anything

Imagine you are the captain of a big ship. A veeeeeeeeeery big ship. So big that you neither know where it begins nor where it ends.

The ship, that is the unity of you as a human being (matter) and your metaphysical system. You always travel together - and the journey, that is life.

So you as a captain are part of the ship. And as captain, you always take the final decision - no matter what. And when we say 'always', it means that you are really always in some way making a decision. Consciously or unconsciously. And even if you don't make a decision, exactly with that you have made in fact a decision - that is, not to make a decision. And every decision affects the ship, its behavior and route.

Now you - you and your ship - are inevitably always traveling together, you also influence each other, but nevertheless different dynamics take place with each of you. In other words, while the ship is moving in one direction, rocking a bit due to the waves, etc., you are moving independently and completely individually on the ship.

With our ship, we are permanently traveling to discover life. Life, that is the sea, islands and countries. Sometimes the sea is calm, other times dark clouds come up, it starts to rain or high waves and storm make the ship shake.

However, you are not alone on the ship.

You have a crew: these are the countless elements of your metaphysical system. Every part there, no matter how small, is responsible for a very specific task. What we experience as human beings in life and, above all, how we experience life, are only the effects of the ways in which our crew members work. And every crew member does his task to the best of his knowledge and belief.

If life is now - to put it very mildly - going modestly, the question arises, what is the reason for this?

Do I have a bad ship? Have I simply had bad luck and caught an incompetent crew, or is the weather on my voyage simply much less favorable than on others?

One thing in advance: neither the weather is worse for you than for others, nor is it your crew or your ship. If it is permanently stormy on your route, you as captain could take a different route.

So the problem lies elsewhere.

Namely: most people don't even know they have a crew on board!

Now you may be the captain, but ...

… You don't know your crew!

… The crew doesn't know you!

… The crew doesn't know each other!

… There is no communication among each other!

And this usually leads to the following effects:

You as captain think you are alone on the ship and accordingly you do pretty much everything alone.

So: turn the steering wheel to port and set the sails!

And while you are busy hoisting the sails, a crew member comes, pulls the wheel around and now it's starboard. But you don't notice anything. Because you are just struggling alone with the sail on the last mast. And while you are setting the last sail, the first one has already been taken in again - by a crew member you know nothing about and who knows neither you nor your plans.

And your rowers? One part rows forward, the other backward, and certainly they don't row at the same pace. But each thinks it' s doing its job well.

The only thing you notice from all this - if at all - is that something is not going right.

How will your ship make progress under such conditions? Will it make any progress at all, or will it stay in the harbor? By whom is the route of the ship determined? By the wind and the current? How will the ship - how will you - experience storms? How will it be able to navigate around obstacles?

Now, are you still wondering why your life is what it is? Well, just watch this!

Unable to maneuver due to overloading

Now, however, a few more factors come into play:

At some point, perhaps, the captain might notice that his ship is quite fully loaded. He stumbles permanently over some crates, the ship has difficulties to move forward, is tilted or even threatens to sink.

You, as the captain, might then head for a port to have the ship freed from its excessive ballast. Perhaps the captain might also have some damage repaired.

In the harbor, they ask the captain which ballast should be unloaded. He shows the dockworkers the boxes - at least the ones he knows and sees.

As captain, you usually don't even know that most of this ballast is stored on the ship in such a way that you can't even see it.

To put the whole thing in perspective, let's assume that the boxes you see and unload correspond to a total weight of 500 kilograms. The ballast that is actually responsible for the ship's imbalance - and of which you know little or nothing - weighs a hefty 30 tons.

Your crew members know where to find every single box on your ship. They know which ones are beneficial and which ones are just ballast. But of course, since you don't know your crew, you can't call on their help.

Sweating and straining, you once again do it alone (like pretty much everything so far).

And so, of the 30 tons, if at all, only the few boxes you know are just ballast are unloaded. So 500 kg less. At least better than nothing.

The ballast, that is all the situations that we ourselves have experienced at some point - on this journey or on previous ones.

But also things that regard our future - like (mostly unconscious) worries, about ourselves or others. And although we don't even know if these so-called future projections will ever come into reality, they are already ballast on our ship today and: they significantly influence the maneuverability of our ship.

Well, if only that were all ...

Pirates of Life

And as if all this wasn't enough, pirates have secretly sneaked onto our ship. On the one hand, they have brought their own ballast, which makes our ship even heavier, but much more: they give our crew members instructions on how to maneuver the ship! They participate in determining the course of our ship and can even cause serious damage to the ship!

Some pirate ships are so strong that they can attach their grappling hooks to our ship, dragging our ship along with them and thus completely throwing us off our course.

The pirates, on the one hand, are experiences and happenings of our ancestors - also called transgenerational heritage - that have found their way to us.

Every human being has these transgenerational connections.

And on the other hand the emotions/feelings of fellow human beings,

which we unconsciously take over (in such cases one speaks of extraneous feelings or emotional contagion). The more emphatic a person, the greater their affinity for adopting extraneous feelings.

The pirates and their ballast can significantly influence our ship. They make it heavier, can co-determine the direction of our ship, which countries we head for, they can pilot us into storms, participate in determining how we maneuver through storms, and most importantly, how we experience our voyage.

So the captain may have to constantly react to the effects caused by the pirates. Without having any knowledge at all about the pirates

In a nutshell:

So the captain is constantly reacting to any effects whose causes he doesn't know and making decisions ...

... without knowing where the journey is supposed to go at all

... without knowing that he has a crew working as well

... without knowing what influences the maneuverability of the ship

... without knowing who is influencing the direction (the pirates)

... and without knowing that his decisions are influenced by all this.

Well then, have a good trip!

And yet everything could be so simple:

I was amazed at how quickly Dennis and Myriam were able to help me. Within a few sessions, I was already noticing a difference in my physical and emotional state. My chronic pain was decreasing and my anxiety was dissipating.

Michelle, France


  • First, with the help of the crew, we rid the ship of all the ballast and all the pirates. We don't even have to know where the ballast comes from, because the crew knows. Once everything that is not helpful is gone.

  • Then let's go together to the most important crew members to get to know them and align them as a team.

  • Learn to interact independently with crew members and leverage their skills and opportunities.

  • Notice: Every state of feeling, no matter how diffuse, is the result of a crew member's work! And with each member you can interact to change or adjust their activity level and way of working!

  • You can even repair the damage of your ship with the help of the crew or support and accelerate the repair.

Every human being can do that. It is innate in us!

And now forever sunshine?

On your journey, there will always be waves that cause the ship to sway. Sometimes there might be storms. But if you and your crew become a team and keep the ship light, you'll always be able to interact with each other, share ideas, and thus navigate the ship through the storm together.

And you'll know how to always rid the ship of new ballast instantly - and without our help.

You will be able to discuss questions that are bothering you with your team and find the answers there.

You will be able to recognize travel routes that you did not perceive before.

A conscious captain, with a conscious crew and a light ship.

How different will the journey be then?

" I am amazed at how quickly I was able to overcome this situation with Dennis and Myriam's help. I feel as though I now have the tools to face any challenge that comes my way. Thank you soooo much!!! "

Ingrid, Germany



We have purposely written this text in such a simplified way. Because it is just that: it is simple. Usually, we humans just make it far too difficult for ourselves.


Not we, that is Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit, do all this for you. We merely accompany you a bit on your journey. We support you and teach you to learn all this in order to be able to apply it independently in the future, to be a conscious captain. We also apply all of this to ourselves in order to shape our lives - but also to consciously influence our health - and teach people worldwide to do so. Contact us


Myriam Perosa – The Human Diagnostic Decice – can literally read people. She uses her ability to identify, for example, the causes of recurring life situations or even physical symptoms for people who contact her in this regard. During such a 'screening' she gets deep insights into the processes and dynamics that are going on in that person. Recently, one of her screening results was matched by a human genetics laboratory. And: she can very precisely retrieve all kinds of information about 'life, the universe and all the rest'. What or who are we really? How do our life dynamics arise and function, and what influences them? With the information she received, she and her partner managed, among other things, to 'neutralize' all the unprocessed experiences that had influenced their lives unfavorably in some way up to that point.

Dennis A. Masseit as a coach trained in many specialist areas, has profound know-how and years of experience in dealing with people and in resolving difficult issues quickly, sustainably and efficiently. He has lectured at universities and worked with numerous top managers and top athletes.



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