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What is really going on with Cara Delevingne

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

This question is on the minds of many in recent days, after photos show the super model barefoot, unkempt and in apparently bad conditions. It is said that she no longer washes and does not eat anything.

Myriam Perosa, the human diagnostic device, took a closer look at the multi-talented Cara Delevingne. In 'Behind The Matter - VIP revealed' she gives us insight into what's really going on in Cara Delevingne at the moment.

Myriam Perosa - The human diagnostic device
Myriam Perosa - The human diagnostic device

Myriam Perosa can literally read out people. For persons who contact her in this regard, she uses her ability to identify, for example, the causes of recurring life situations, emotional states or even physical symptoms. During a so-called Screening, she gains deep insights into the processes and dynamics that are taking place in that person. Recently, one of her Screening results was matched by a human genetics laboratory.

In 'Behind The Matter - VIP REVEALED' she reads celebrities to create a deeper understanding of the private person behind the dazzling 'star personality'.


‚Behind The Matter - VIP revealed’: Cara Delevingne

All too often we forget that behind VIP's like models, actors, singers etc. there is someone else than the person we know from TV or glamour magazines.

We see all these people with their yachts, luxury houses, bling-bling ... But the inside world of these stars often is not so glamorous. Because what we don't see are their inner challenges, conflicts and their very personal needs, which money can't buy. Happiness, for example.

Especially such super personalities often had to experience difficult situations on their way to success or even before and had to strongly deal with themselves. Pressure, self-doubt, the abandonment of their own intimacy. Of course: taking this path was a personal decision. But hardly anyone can foresee in advance the real personal consequences that come on top of the already existing wounds.

And sometimes the wounds of the past make themselves felt as if coming out of nowhere. Despite the success. Cara Delevingne is one of these people.

‚Behind The Matter - VIP revealed’: Cara Delevingne

The Short-Screening – by Myriam Perosa

The very first thing I notice about her is a feeling of being crushed. In addition to a strong fatigue and an active sadness. Behind the image of the strong woman, the actress, the super model and the singer, there is a very sensible person. At the beginning she was enjoying all this and she felt happiness in it. She was alive. But today there is not much left of it.

It is as if a part of her is completely absent at the moment. Something like this does not happen willingly. Such dynamics arise unconsciously and far from our rationality.

The sentences that are proverbially hurled at me are:

"What about me? Does no one see me? Is no one interested in me, how I feel and how I experience everything? Do only others really exist? Everything out there is more important than what I really am. More important than what I experience, what I think."

Whenever and at whatever level these questions may have arisen, they are active and they are working, wherever. They are partly responsible for what she is experiencing today.

Questions that might be difficult to comprehend. After all, isn't this woman seen by millions of people?

Cara Delevingne doesn't just want to be seen, she wants to be seen for who she really is. She wants to be listened to and taken seriously when it comes to what she thinks about something. But to whom are these questions really directed?

So Cara Delevingne lives this feeling of being crushed and feels enormous pressure from the outside.

This may seem quite plausible given her job. However, the real roots of this feeling can be found in situations she experienced in her childhood - with her mother. And it is to her mother that most of these questions working in her are directed.

Although she is seen today, although she is financially rich, inside her still lives this child who, despite all the visibility and attention, asks herself these questions over and over again. "What about me? Doesn't anyone see me? Doesn't anyone care about me, how I'm doing?". This child knows nothing of what Cara Delevingne lives and experiences today. And so it continues to ask itself the same questions. Over and over again.

The current dominant pain and especially the feeling of being crushed, which originally came from her childhood, have led to her current situation.

Note: It is quite remarkable that a person who wanted nothing more than to be 'seen' has embarked on just this career path with such satisfaction in it. With such success. But it doesn't matter how much success she might still have, how many dollars she might still accumulate in her account ... this deep desire, of this little child remains. Cara Delevingne, or rather this little child, simply wants to 'be'. She wants to 'live'. She wants to be noticed, to be happy and, above all, to rediscover the joy she has lost along the way. The past has simply caught up with her.

It doesn't matter how much you think you have left something behind. Because sometimes it is just the belief that we have overcome something. Nevertheless, many of this continues living in us.

And when these decide to make themselves noticeable, they don't ask us for permission.

They just do it. And when they suddenly make themselves felt, whether as depression, physical symptoms, or even illness, are we prepared ton face them? Are we able to recognize the real causes and fix them once and for all? Will Cara Delevingne be able to recognize the correlations and be able to work through them? The future will show us.




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