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Is „Wet Wall Syndrome“ behind Your Physical Symptoms or Disease?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


Frustrated man in front of a wet wall
Sometimes it can seem like fighting an endless battle against physical symptoms.

Have you ever wondered why physical symptoms like pain or even diseases after a therapy or treatment disappear, only to suddenly reappear again - and sometimes even stronger than before!? Or that one symptom disappears and another suddenly takes its place? The reason could be what we call „Wet Wall Syndrome”. However, this phenomenon has actually nothing to do with wet walls.

Let us explain this phenomenon using an easy metaphor:

One day you come home to find a surprise waiting for you - a big wet spot on the wall of one of your rooms! You know right away that something's not right, so you call in an expert to help diagnose the problem. To your surprise, the expert declares, “Wet wall!”

Let’s take this example to its logical extreme in order to really understand why physical symptoms or diseases don’t go away or might come back.

So let’s assume the expert advises that the wall needs to be dried, sealed, or maybe even the cement needs to be renewed. Since he is the expert you will do what he suggests. Now guess what: after a few weeks or months, the wall is either wet again at the same spot (same symptom reappeared) or the water has found its way and created a new wet spot (a new symptom appeared)!. You're left feeling frustrated, wondering why this is happening. It seems to be a never-ending battle!

Are You Experiencing Wet Wall Syndrome?

As you probably already understand, the problem is that the wet wall is (only) the SYMPTOM and not the real CAUSE! The cause is a broken water tube. Most probably no expert would repair the wall without repairing the water tube. But this is exactly what happens when it comes to physical symptoms or diseases.

Don’t get us wrong! It is very important to repair the wall, too - especially when it comes to serious diseases. But you have to look for the real cause as well!

This phenomenon of physical symptoms or diseases not going away or reappearing is what we call „Wet Wall Syndrome”, and can be attributed to the fact that the underlying cause has not been addressed.

Real Cause Behind Physical Symptoms and Diseases: Information!

The Problem With Only Repairing Symptoms and Not Causes

Information, such as content from our own personal experiences, worries about the future, feelings that we have acquired from other people, and even issues that our ancestors had encountered, is often the real cause behind physical symptoms and diseases. To put a stop to this cycle of reappearing or changing physical symptoms, one must address the underlying cause, which is usually information. It is like water — it will always find its way, unless it is stopped.

But anyway, according to our experience, we can say that when it comes to severe diseases, there is not just that one information that is the cause, as might be the case with back pain, but we have noticed that there is always a mix of several information streams that come together. The more wholes the water tube has, the wetter the wall gets.

How Information caused severe Spinal Pain

Vertebra with light sparkles
In the majority of cases we treated, metaphysical factors were the primary cause of physical issues.

Information can damage the “wall”, that is, our bodies. Hard to believe? So then let’s pay even more attention now: We have worked with a Lady suffering from severe spinal pain. After a long time of suffering, she had a surgical intervention. The vertebra was replaced with an artificial one. No pain anymore. So far so good. After a while, the vertebra above started hurting again - out of nowhere. Again after a long time of suffering, she underwent the same procedure as before. After a while, guess what, the vertebra above started hurting. The principle was: the wall got repaired - but not the water tube! The real cause was so called future projections, that is, (even unconscious) worries about the future.

Every human being is full of Information

The problem with information is that it often works silently, without us noticing. Until the moment when it decides to make itself heard, or suddenly "the glass is too full".

The result: mood swings, depressions, or even physical symptoms or real illnesses.

We may think we have overcome a particular life situation, but the attached information may still be working within us.

This was recently the case for a young lady where we noticed something was going wrong. We suggested she look at some specific issues and gave her advice, but she was convinced that there was nothing she had not already overcome. A while after our message, she received a diagnosis of cancer in its last stage.

The "water" had silently continued to damage the wall without her noticing it.

What about genetic predisposition?

There was or is a trend that women who have a predisposition to breast cancer got them removed preemptively. In our opinion, this is complete nonsense. Why?

Well, genetics is never the real cause but just the thinnest part of the wall!

That is, it is the way of lowest resistance that the information can use to find its way!

Astonishing Results: How a Nursery School Teacher's Back Pain Disappeared After 10 Minutes

A less dramatic example that shows the effectiveness of removing the real cause is the case of a nursery school teacher. She had suffered from back pain for more than a year when she met us. Massages, physiotherapy… nothing had brought relief. The doctors thought that the pain was caused by incorrect lifting of the children.

We met her during a conference and invited her on stage. The whole intervention took about 10 minutes. We showed her how to remove the real cause (Information) that was affecting the lower back. She then started to feel a tingling in the problematic part.

After two weeks she sent us a message: “My back pain went away immediately the day after the intervention. And even when I consciously tried to reproduce the pain by incorrect lifting, it didn’t come back. I am really astonished!”.

Human Ability to Disconnect Non-Supportive Information to Stop Harmful Effects

In the specific case of the nursery school teacher, the lady didn't even know what information caused the pain! And we don’t even have to know in order to get rid of it.

Every human being has the ability to disconnect all non-supportive information without having to identify its source.

This means that no matter how traumatic a situation we have experienced, we can remove that information without having to revisit them specifically, thus preventing further damage and avoiding potential negative outcomes.

We have witnessed a lot times that once all damaging or non-supportive Information that had contributed to the appearance of a physical symptom or disease got removed, suddenly the symptoms completely disappeared and / or therapies and medical treatments started to work more efficiently.

Quiet logical, because with the disconnection of non-supportive Information the water pipe got repaired and as a consequence the repairing of the wall was more efficient.

So if you suffer from „Wet wall Syndrom“ you might consider to have a look at the water tube as well.



Addressing the underlying cause of physical symptoms and diseases does not mean neglecting medical treatments and therapies. It is always important to seek the advice of a medical professional if you are experiencing any serious health issues. Additionally, it is important to note that removing the cause of a symptom or disease does not always guarantee immediate relief, as it may take some time for the body to heal itself, and medical treatments might be necessary to support the body.

About the Authors:

Dennis A. Masseit and Myriam Perosa are experts in the field of metaphysical systems and, working with people around the world, have achieved incredible results ranging from the disappearance of metastases in only three months, to a girl with a genetic defect suddenly being able to do things she couldn't do before, to individuals who were overwhelmed by fear suddenly living a normal life again.


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