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Is the Brain Doing the Math Wrong?

Updated: May 4, 2023



Myriam woke up one morning with swollen eyes. At first, we thought it was an allergic reaction, but further investigation revealed that her body was attacking itself. This unexpected finding has enabled us to explore the deeper questions surrounding diseases, immune response, and why the body would even permit itself to be harmed. This understanding can alter our perspective on physical symptoms and diseases and opens up incredible possibilities.

For two consecutive months Myriam has experienced an expanded edema reaction in her eyes. Initially we thought that the cause was an allergic reaction due to external factors. After further investigation, we noticed two things: the symptom appeared every four weeks and the usual antihistamines were unable to counteract this reaction.

In short, the swelling was due to an autoimmune reaction resulting from an elevated progesterone level.

But why did the body attack itself, seemingly from one day to another?

The understanding of this can help us to see diseases from a different perspective.

So, today we want to share our experiences and information about how diseases initiate and why the body does not always react to them.

Let's take a look at a disease like cancer. Why doesn't the brain take countermeasures to fix such diseases?

The common theories are:

There are several theories as to why the immune system may not be able to recognize or respond to cancer cells. These theories include the cancer cells being able to evade the immune system, the cancer cells being able to suppress the immune system, and the cancer cells having mutations that prevent the immune system from recognizing them.

Our experiences and results, however, seem to contradict this.

We have observed in the past that when we have worked with cancer patients, the signals sent by the body to the brain to inform it of any abnormalities went unanswered. Therefore, we cannot say that the brain did not know anything about the illness! But, for some reason or another, it didn't think it necessary to take action, despite the fact that the cells were executing a program that would potentially lead to death.

Is it true then, that since the abnormal cells look and act like normal cells, the brain is unable to distinguish between them? Thus, it did not know what to do or where to intervene?

Cells follow the instructions of DNA or the brain. However, the brain often has the last word in deciding which instructions to follow, as it can override the instructions of DNA if necessary. In this way, the brain sends signals to other parts of the body, indicating to the cells what functions to perform.

So have the cancer cells actually been able to suppress the immune system?

We guided cancer-afflicted clients through a process to arrive at a conscious reprogramming of the cells. The interesting thing is: contrary to the common opinion that the body is not able to recognize abnormal cells, it was perfectly capable of not only identifying aberrant cells but also changing their programming!

What results did it bring?

Within a short time and in different clients, the work led to the disappearance of fluid in the lungs, the recovery of color in colorless stools, a sudden and drastic change in blood values, etc. So there was an almost immediate response from the immune system!

However, we still wondered why a body or brain so intelligent would not be able to recognize certain diseases to initiate a process of self-healing, how it would do so with a virus running on for example?!

It may seem bizarre, but ...

...awareness was what was missing. Once the different parts became aware of what was going on in the body, things started to change!

Does the brain do wrong calculations?

Man in computer headquarters

Vital components of the brain involved in the manifestation of diseases work in an automated process, only based on calculations. Calculations which should result in the right total.

However, in this computation process, the brain does not consider a significant factor: that of "awareness". The awareness that...

... its calculations could be accurate, but the outcome they generate leads its own body to self-harm or devastation!

Why does a brain that triggers fear when it sees a branch that resembles a snake on the other side result in self-destruction?

It does not appear to make much sense! But it does make sense when we comprehend how the calculations work.

Then let's go back to Myriam and her autoimmune reaction for a moment.

We discovered that parts of Myriam's brain weren't actually aware that she had a problem. According to the brain's 'calculations', everything was going as it should have.

For the brain, the results of it’s 'calculations' were correct, so it didn't intervene in order to recover the normal health status.

The only part that was aware of the problem was the rational part of the brain, or rather, Myriam herself.

Does that mean that there was an error in the brain's 'calculations'?

The answer is, no. Unfortunately not.

The problem was a 'program' created and activated by the brain itself!

To make that understandable:

Imagine you were an employee and your task was to only check if a certain sum was correct. If it was not correct, you had to inform a specific department. The department would then initiate certain corrections.

Now you have the task of verifying two sums:

Equation A: 4+7+5 = 16

Equation B: 4+7+6+3 = 17

Once the sums have been verified, you realize that while the result for equation A is correct and you sign it as such, the result for equation B is wrong! The only way to get the right sum is to eliminate the number 3.

4+7+6(–3) = 17

In this case, you, the sum responsible, would inform the relevant department to inform them of the error found.

The front part of the equation represents the SHOULD state of the body for the brain. The back part, on the other hand, represents the ACTUAL state. If there is a discrepancy between the SHOULD and ACTUAL state in the equation, corrections are initiated (provided the body has the corresponding resources!).

In this example, the inequality (number 3) could have been caused by an external factor, such as a virus. The brain then sends signals to initiate measures to neutralize the virus. On the other hand, something different happens in the case of cancer or autoimmune diseases due to circumstances that we will look at later:

it is the brain itself that activates a program that initiates the disease.

Now imagine that this program that has been started has a value of 1 and that this value is added to our previous equation.

The original Equation A of 4+7+5 = 16 (correct)

supplemented by the value 1 (new program). Consequently, the new equation is

4+7+5+1 = 17 (also correct).


As you can see, even though the sum of the equation is now 17, the RESULT is still correct and for this reason, there is no reason for the body to start initiating an immune response.

The interesting thing is that when our rational part (frontal lobe) detects something wrong in the body (since, of course, we are aware of our disease), this information is rejected because the equation is deemed to be correct. Additionally, the signals sent by the cerebral cortex are not well-seen by the other parts of the brain, as they interfere their work! And that work is based on controlling the equation.

Only when the program has deactivated does the brain recognize that the balance is not correct anymore.

If the program that causes physical harm is shut off (value 1 is taken out of the equation), then the equation would look like this:

4+7+5(–1) = 17


The result that the body or cells effectively produce (value 17) is no longer in proportion to what should be produced according to the equation (value 16)! And only now will the brain begin to do what is necessary to put the equation back in proportion, or better yet, to restore the health state - if it is not too late.

In conclusion:

the brain's calculations are accurate, but it can be unaware of issues caused by its own programming as it only checks if the equation is correct. In order to avoid potential issues, the brain must be aware of the harm its programming can cause to the body and pay heed to warnings sent from other areas.

Based on our experience, we can assert that when it comes to cancer, simply turning off the programs is not sufficient. For the cases we have cared for, we had to reprogram the cells as well as activate/add additional resources that the body no longer possessed or had access to.

Although the brain has the ability to adapt or restructure itself, and act differently, it is not aware of how it limits itself or of the possibilities it actually has. Once we become aware of this, we can consciously initiate processes that lead to restructuring of the brain and expand its possibilities, so that it not only pays attention to whether the equation is correct but also automatically incorporates other factors.

Thus, we can not only deactivate and remove running programs at any time but also find and remove them before they maybe get activated.

But that will be the subject of another article.

So, what are these programs and where do they come from? Find it out in our blog post Is „Wet Wall Syndrome“ behind Your Physical Symptoms or Disease?


The insights discussed in this article do not come from scientific findings, rather they are based on the authors' knowledge and experiences. In case of medically relevant diseases, always consult a doctor or therapist.



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