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Outcome Over Process: Why we cannot find success in the goal

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

About people's tendency to get results and miss learning opportunities

As humans, we're driven by results. We chase after the destination, often overlooking the journey. But isn't it time we shift our focus and start appreciating the process that leads us to those results? The process, while daunting and arduous, is where the real magic happens.

Authors: Dennis A. Masseit & Myriam Perosa

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It is common knowledge that most people are results-oriented. It’s natural for us to yearn for the end-product without wanting to get too involved in the process that leads to it. This phenomenon, that we can call 'destination over journey' inclination, permeates various aspects of our lives - professional, personal, and social. It is based on the principle that most individuals typically prefer to experience the outcomes immediately rather than being involved in the journey to get there. However, to fully appreciate the implications of this mindset, it's vital we delve deeper into the interplay between the process and the result.

The Allure of Results

From an early age, we're often taught to prioritize results. Think about how we're graded in school – it's typically the end report card that matters, not the hours spent understanding, experimenting, or grappling with a difficult concept. Similarly, in the professional world, employees are evaluated based on their deliverables, often overlooking the effort and time invested in creating that output. Society's persistent emphasis on outcomes conditions us to desire results without necessarily appreciating the process.

The immediacy of a result also carries a certain charm. It’s satisfying, instant, and rewarding. We’re wired to seek immediate gratification, which is more readily associated with results than the process. The moment of achievement, of seeing something completed, fulfilled, done — it holds a magic that draws us in.

Overlooking The Process

The process can be mundane, laborious, and time-consuming. It's often filled with trials and errors, struggles, failures, and gradual improvements. For many, the process might appear as a necessary evil, an ordeal to go through to reach that glorious outcome. However, this mindset often leads to missed opportunities for learning, personal growth, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges.

It's crucial to realize that without the process, the result is impossible.

The process lays the foundation for the outcome, and it's where the real work happens. This is where the foundations for future experiences are created, which are then finally brought to life.

Reevaluating Our Approach: Valuing The Journey

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A shift in perspective from being results-obsessed to process-invested can yield significant benefits. For one, it fosters a growth mindset that celebrates effort, learning, and improvement rather than just the end product. It promotes resilience, as one learns to navigate the ups and downs inherent in any process. Moreover, it empowers us to find joy every day when we work on ourselves, not just when a certain result has been achieved.

When we understand that the process is not linear and that setbacks are an integral part of growth, we become better equipped to face adversity with a positive and determined mindset.

There's a reason why so many philosophers and thinkers urge us to focus on the journey rather than the destination. The journey is where life happens. It’s in the daily grind, the small steps forward, the tiny victories, and even the defeats from which we learn. The process in itself can be rewarding when we begin to view it as an integral part of our achievements.


In a world fixated on the outcome, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being "in the results and not in the process." But remember: The real essence of achievement lies in the journey - the courage to start, the strength to continue, the resilience to bounce back from failures, and the joy of learning and growing.

The real essence of achievement lies in the journey - the courage to start, the strength to continue, the resilience to bounce back, and the joy of learning and growing.

About the Authors:

Myriam Perosa possesses an impressive ability to quickly identify the causes and triggers of life dynamics or physical symptoms, which makes her an unparalleled "human diagnostic tool." What's even more impressive is that one of her screenings has been confirmed by a human genetics laboratory, thereby proving the credibility and effectiveness of her ability.

Dennis A. Masseit brings extensive coaching experience and broad expertise in a variety of disciplines. He has worked with top executives, athletes, and others, and has also lectured at universities and colleges.

Together, Myriam and Dennis have achieved success in cases where conventional methods have either not helped or are no longer effective. They consistently push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of human health and well-being.

Learn more about the work of MasseitPerosa



Our life is a journey...

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