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Hope, the offspring of helplessness

About faith, hope, helplessness, and the possibilities that lie in a changed view of doubt.

Authors: Dennis A. Masseit & Myiam Perosa

Person holding a lantern
"Miracles are not bestowed upon us; rather, they lie within us, waiting to be unleashed."

Hope is not foreign to any of us, the yearning for it, in circumstances beyond our control.

Whether peace, war, or weather whims, we adapt, we hope.

But when it comes to our personal world, our healing, our relationships, hope is not our savior.

We wait for miracles, although in reality, we are the origin of miracles.

Miracles do not depend on hope, but on faith.

We are not talking about religious faith here, but an inner, personal faith that motivates people to act despite uncertainty or adversity.

An unwavering faith.

Faith says, "I don't know how and when, but I know it's possible."

But uncertainty gives rise to doubt, making genuine faith a discouraging undertaking. Fear creeps in, paralyzes us, and we resort to hope. But isn't it faith and conscious action that initiate profound processes leading to the desired results or healing?

Life has an inherent ambiguity

... we cannot look into the future. That's why we are uncertain, that's why we doubt, and that's why we hope. But what if doubt became an ally that opens doors with curiosity instead of closing them with rejection? The miracles we partake in are the result of faith set in motion. The miracles lie within us, waiting to be unleashed by us. It is up to us to trigger the transformation by turning doubt into curiosity.

What does this mean specifically?

Imagine a dimly lit room that represents the realm of hope. It's a room where we sit helplessly waiting for a stray ray of sunlight to illuminate the shadows. However, the key to brightening this room lies within us - it's the lamp of faith we hold in our hands. The uncertainty to find the switch is the doubt that makes us hesitate to act.

But if we transform this doubt into curiosity, we grope in the dark and eventually discover the switch. When we turn it on, we initiate the transformation process. We illuminate the room ourselves, we are the miracles we've been waiting for. At this moment, we realize that the room was not dimly lit because there was no light outside, but because we had not yet learned to turn on our lamp.

So, will you wait for the stray ray of sunlight, or will you ignite the lamp of faith within you? This is the transformative journey from hope to faith, from doubt to curiosity, to which we invite you.


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About the Authors:

Myriam Perosa has the impressive ability to quickly recognize causes and triggers of life dynamics or physical symptoms, making her an unparalleled 'human diagnostic tool'. Her extraordinary abilities were evidenced by the discovery of a gene defect in a girl, subsequently confirmed by a human genetics laboratory.

Dennis A. Masseit brings his extensive experience as a coach and his broad expertise in various disciplines. He has worked with top managers and athletes, and has given lectures at universities and colleges.

Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit have achieved successes where conventional methods have failed or no longer helped. They continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of human health and well-being.

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