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Life-altering results 
and effective change
in the shortest possible time 

Transform Your Life!
Unlock Your Metaphysical System

It might have been resonance that made you reading this text. Because resonance brings people together. That means, either you or someone you know is looking for help and we have the knowledge and the experience! 


STEP 1: 
What is your issue

STEP 2: 
Acceptance that there may be more than our eyes can see

STEP 3: 
What possibilities open up

STEP 1: 
What is your issue

If at least one of the 5 following topics is something you find yourself dealing with, then you should read this text carefully

  • Do you find yourself lingering in situations that still move you and you want to be free of them?

  • Are your emotions weighing you down or overwhelming you? 

  • Are you facing any health issues? 

  • Do you constantly find yourself in similar situations? 

  • Are you continuously trying to move forwards, but something seems to be holding you back? 



Myriam Perosa has the gift and knowledge to read metaphysical systems with incredible precision, and to identify the real causes and triggers behind life dynamics or physical symptoms of people.

One of her 'screenings' was confirmed
by a human genetics laboratory.

Dennis and Myriam teach people all over the world to consciously interact with their metaphysical system, to change dominant or suppressed emotions and unhelpful personality parts. Through their work, they can also actively influence life situations or support healing.

With their work, they have already achieved incredible results:

Metastases disappeared within three months, persons overwhelmed with fear, suddenly leading ordinary life and a girl with a genetic defect suddenly can do things that she couldn't do before.

The results are always impressive -
and sometimes they border on a miracle.

Julia Milan

Journalist and

"The Methodical System Regulation according to Dennis A. Masseit and Myriam Perosa elevates the concept of "Inner Work" to a whole new level. With techniques developed and tested by them, which are easy to learn, they guide people to interact with their own system to heal themselves physically and to develop personally — with astonishing, even unbelievable results. So much so that one wonders: Can it be this easy? It can!"

STEP 2: 
Acceptance that there may be more than our eyes can see

If you accept the following point,
you can accomplish things you’ve never imagined!

We humans are much more than what meets the eye. We are surrounded by a metaphysical system — an invisible network of information particles and other components — that influences our lives in many ways. For example, our feelings, emotions, beliefs, and experiences.

If you totally reject the idea that there is something more beyond what can be experienced through our known senses, then we may not be the right match for you.

But, if you’re at least open to the idea and curious about what lies beyond the known, then you should definitely keep reading.

Interacting with our metaphysical system can help us with more than just health-related issues - we can use it to change dominant or suppressed emotions, unhelpful personality traits, and our life situation

This metaphysical system is like a factory containing countless parts that work based on the content of the information particles. What we as humans experience simply is the result of this work. Even our emotions originate from this metaphysical system. 

And anyone can learn how to access this system, how to interact with every single part of it, and how to get rid of all burdensome or boycotting information that influences their life or health. 


In this moment you don’t have to understand HOW to do this right away.
All you need is to commit to WANTING it!

We already know HOW to do it!

And it is then our job to show you exactly how to do it. 

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You don’t have to be enlightened or have any meditation or other experience. You just need to want the change, and we can teach and guide you how to make it a reality.

STEP 3: 
What possibilities open up


Myriam Small_edited.jpg


Whether it's about anxiety, physical symptoms, or even illnesses, Myriam Perosa & Dennis A. Masseit help people all over the world to bring about lasting change in their lives.

Our metaphysical system stores every experience as information, including those of our ancestors, family, and friends and even more. This stored information can induce dynamics resulting in what we feel and go through in life, both positive and negative.

Disattivate non-supportive information stored
in the metaphysical system

We have discovered that every human being has the ability to deactivate any information that is not useful to them using the metaphysical system.


It is like throwing away all unnecessary things without looking back and it is quick, easy, and efficient! We call it CleanUp!

Interact with your metaphysical system to affect physical, mental, and emotional issues 

By interacting with our metaphysical system, we can not only support our health or healing in a verifiable, active and effective manner, but also regulate dominating or repressed emotions, change undesired personality traits, and our our life situations

Reprogram your cells via the metaphysical system

It is even possible (and we know how to do it) to even reprogram our cells through the metaphysical system, and the results are confirmed in laboratory reports

Change limiting beliefs with the help of the metaphysical system

By utilizing our metaphysical system, we can replace all limiting beliefs with a superior version without needing to delve into them further or attempt to comprehend them – as this system holds more insight about us than we ourselves do.

Gain Access to and activate Resources

You will be able to recognize possibilities or ways which you might not have perceived before.

You will be literally able to discuss questions that are bothering you with your metaphysical system and find the answers there.

Jörg Seewald

Radiospeaker and Journalist

"Basically, I'm rather skeptical of people who want to somehow screw around in my psyche. But Dennis asked me, "Don't you want to know how it feels, what we're doing?" 

I still had fifteen minutes. All right: something small.

My latent resentment toward my parents flashed through my mind again. Would it never end, I had wondered just that morning while brushing my teeth, with so many years already gone by. Fifteen minutes is enough, Dennis said - and they started to guide me.

I didn't really had to do much. But still enough that tears welled up in my eyes. On my drive home, I felt more empty than I had ever felt before. That night, I slept more deeply than I ever had before. And the next day, I felt so light. Unusually light. The resentment towards the parents: as if it had vanished. Even after a year nothing has changed in this regard.


From that perspective, I can and must be a voucher for what Myriam and Dennis are accomplishing."

And remember :

Your first step is:

Commit to WANTING it,

and we'll show you the HOW!


Let's get started, shall we?

If not, you might want to give this a read:

"How to recognize the right moment to start something!" 

Tippen am Computer

Take the first step towards unlocking the power of your metaphysical system

Our work has been proven by multiple laboratories and has produced tangible results !

Discover the power of Methodical System Regulation according to MasseitPerosa: A revolutionary technique that can help you to tap into the potential of your own system and decouple all the information that boycotts, sabotages or burdens you from your system. 

Experience the amazing results for yourself!

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