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How to recognize the right moment to start something!

Many people miss out on chasing their dreams and wishes because they wait for the "right moment". They find excuses or 'justifications' and postpone action instead of taking it. Often this leads to a life of deprivation - and eventually looking back, the question arises: "What if I had acted?". Here we explain to you how to recognize the ‚right moment‘!


About the authors:

Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit are experts in metaphysical systems. Their work is based on the premise that a person is not made up of only matter, but also has a metaphysical system made up mostly of information particles. These particles can influence our life situations and lead to physical symptoms. Myriam Perosa has the gift and knowledge to read metaphysical systems precisely. They are teaching people around the world how to consciously interact with their proper metaphysical system, thus neutralizing all the burdensome information among other things.


When we talk to people about the fact that we have chosen to live in Spain, we often hear, "I would love to do that too!"

When we then ask, "And why don't you do it?" the answers are almost the same, such as "My children are too young", "My son/daughter just started studying," or, "My parents are too old and I have to take care of them."

So, in most cases, there will never be the right time; it remains a dream for most people.

Now, honestly, moving to another country is not easy.

So, What about other areas of life?

For instance, when I talk to couples, I often hear, "We would like to have a baby! But it's not the right time."

The same happens when I talk to self-employed people: "I want to work less and have more time for myself! But now is not the right moment, because..."

In these days we talked to a Lady who suffers from bad feelings her whole life and she wants to get rid of them. But it was not yet the right time to start.

In strong contrast to this:

When we work with very ill people, there is no longer the question of "the right time." In those cases, instead, we hear the words, "If only I had…"

Recently, a man told us the impressive story of his father, who had dreamed his whole life of buying a house with a swimming pool near the Mediterranean Sea, but there never seemed to be the right time to do it. After he retired from work, he bought the house, started building the swimming pool, and had everything he ever desired. Finally it was the right time!

The day he finished the pool construction, he was standing in front of it, proudly looking at it – and that was the moment he died.

Life is unpredictable and really fast. So why don't we seize the moment and follow our dreams, making the most of every opportunity? Because no one knows what the future holds. There will always be something that won't make the moment the "right moment“.

So, we should never wait for the right moment to come, because it may never come. Instead, we should just act and sometimes take risks. It is up to us to create our lives. The paths will emerge, and possibilities will show up once we start taking action towards what we really desire - even if we do not yet know exactly how! But we have to start taking action.

We have to make decisions and act to move us towards what we really want in our lives. Otherwise, external circumstances may make decisions for us. Looking back, we may then ask ourselves sadly at some point: "What could have been if I had acted?" But now, with the possibilities still open, we wait for the 'right moment’.

Waiting for the "right moment" often results in the statement "If only I had." Don't wait for the "right moment" to come, but take the moment and make it the "right" one!


When it comes to starting an important change, inner resistance and strong emotions might arise. We know exactly how to help. Find out how other people, like you, have experienced working with Dennis A. Masseit and Myriam Perosa...and with what astonishing results! Learn more



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