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We humans are so much more than what meets the eye. Our metaphysical system, made up of information particles, influences our lives in countless ways, from the circumstances we experience to the illnesses we endure

This metaphysical system is like a mega-factory that contains countless parts that work based on the content of the information-particles. What we experience as humans is merely the result of this work. Even our emotions have their origin in this metaphysical system.


Although we may feel helpless at times, we can influence and interact with each part of our metaphysical system as if it were a person.


We work with people worldwide and exclusively online. Just find a comfortable place and let's start !

Kinder in der Vorschule

We will guide and teach you how to use your metaphysical system effectively on your own.

Frau mit Handy

We are here for you not only during the sessions, but also in between because that is when life really happens.


The World of 'Miracles'

IIn contrast to empirical science, metaphysics focuses on abstract ideas and concepts that cannot be tested experimentally.

However, this does not mean that their findings cannot be true.

And that is precisely what our work shows!


When the discolored feces of a client suffering from pancreatic cancer suddenly regained color, the doctor said, "This can't be! I've never experienced that in my 20 years of experience!"

It fell under the category of "miracles."


When another client with terminal cancer suddenly had all metastases disappear, the professor in the hospital said, "This can't be! If I didn't know any better, I'd say there were never any metastases."

It fell under the category of "miracles."


When a client who had been searching for an apartment for over a year suddenly got three offers at once, she said, "That's incredible!"

It fell into the category of "miracles."

And they were all right. Those were miracles. This becomes understandable when we become conscious of an important principle:




Myriam Perosa has the ability to precisely read metaphysical systems, as well as the contents of the information particles that influence our health or life, which is what we call Screening.

Through such a screening, we discovered a gene defect in a young girl who had severe mental disabilities. This result was then confirmed by a human genetics laboratory.

Our work easily explained

Imagine you as a human were a computer. All computers of this world are connected to their own individual server (metaphysical system), which contains both useful and unnecessary information. Since computer and server are in constant interaction with each other, they influence each other. The more baggage or malware is on the server, the worse the performance of the computer will be. This can even go so far that the computer can barely be switched on anymore.

Sketch Pfeil 2

I was astonished at how quickly I felt relief. My sleep has improved greatly, and my shoulder pain vanished after just two days. Incredible.

Maria E., Spain

They were a real blessing in my life and I cannot express enough my admiration for them and the work they do.

Joseph W., USA

Through understanding and interacting with my metaphysical system, I was able to unlock aspects of my life that I never knew existed.

Freja S., Denmark


People come to us when either their life or body (computer) isn't functioning as they'd like. Our responsibility is to figure out precisely why. What data on the server is influencing the computer ot the output so intensely that it could have even caused an illness? After that, we show the client how to clear their server or their metaphysical system, and how to interact with it consciously. We train them on how to do this for the remainder of their life, no matter what issue or emotion they could be experiencing.

Discover how Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit can help you uncover and resolve the hidden metaphysical causes behind physical symptoms, emotional states, and recurring life situations.


What can be achieved by working on the metaphysical system?


Read here the incredible story of 14-year-old E.

Meditation am Meer
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