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Having the ability to be aware of our own metaphysical system and make its contents and processes visible and manageable through interaction, allows us to make considerable alterations in our life, emotions, and overall health.


Connect with
the metaphysical system

It is much simpler to connect with one's own metaphysical system than we think, as it is a part of us. In a short time you will have learned to link yourself up intentionally! Myriam Perosa can confirm this, providing you with assurance.


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STEP 1: 

Since most of our experiences are shaped by the dynamics of the information particles, we must deactivate the true source and any information that could hamper the success of our work if we are to achieve long-lasting results. 


To begin with, we must deactivate ALL non-supportive information (no matter where it originates from) so that it can no longer have an impact on you. That's what we call "CleanUp". 

This process will be carried out by you, with our guidance.

STEP 2: 
Change all limiting beliefs

We interpret our reality through our beliefs (belief systems). They are similar to automated programs that often become restricting over time. Our beliefs come from our personal experiences, but also from information that is not stored in our brains, such as past lives or transgenerational heritage (the experiences of our ancestors).


It is not possible to resolve such beliefs efficiently with ordinary mental work, as the information that caused the belief must be removed first.

Together, using your metaphysical system, we will replace all limiting beliefs at once with the best possible version without having to focus on them individually.


This will change your perception of reality.

You will learn to do this process yourself in order to always have "updated programs" and to avoid the better version becoming restrictive over time.


Wanderin am Berg
STEP 3: 
Interaction and Realignment

For at least 10 hours (depending on the issue you are facing), we will be with you and teach and guide you how to interact with each part of your system. That’s where magic begins to happen. 

It has been proven in laboratory reports that our self-healing capabilities can be activated and even our cells can be consciously reprogrammed through the metaphysical system. 


Interaction with the metaphysical system can help us achieve remarkable results not only in the health sector, but also with dominant or repressed emotions, non-beneficial personality traits, and our life situations. These are, among other things, the result of the activities of our metaphysical system! 


We can easily restructure our mental part in order to make the most of symbioses. It is also possible to identify and stop any unhelpful or harmful programs that are running automatically in the brain. 


And we have proof for all of this!

Fliegendes Flugzeug

"The past few days have been tough and quite emotional, but thanks to you I'm managing it much better. Before I got to know you, I never would have dreamed of leaving my flat, let alone boarding a plane. So, thank you very much for all you've done for me and my family."

Cathrine B., Australien


"Our brain is always seeking more information and knowledge so it can make the right choice. It is unaware of how its protective nature restricts us. There is an infinite amount of possibilities that we can't even begin to imagine."

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