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Are we victims of our genes / programming?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

In a person who is born with only one leg, the genetic blueprint has not been implemented correctly. Even a targeted 'reprogramming' of the genetic programs (probably) would not change that situation. So he is, in a sense, a victim of his genes. However, we once had a client who was born with one-sided deafness, which at some point suddenly dissolved. Are we perhaps not helplessly at the mercy of our genetic programs after all? What ultimately decides whether one or the other program is started or stopped? And are we able to consciously change these programs?

So, let’s assume that we as humans are a laptop, which in turn is irrevocably connected to a server (our gigantic metaphysical part). The server makes use of numerous programs (including genetic re-programming) and possibilities in the course of life in order to be able to adapt the laptop to its environment in the best possible way.

Now the laptop, i.e. we, may indeed get certain programs (predispositions) already installed in the beginning. However, this does not mean that the corresponding programs are also necessarily activated! Because: Not all people, whose ancestors got cancer, also get it themselves. And vice versa: Not all people who suffer from cancer have ancestors who suffered from the same disease.

Just because the file with the cancer information is on the 'body computer' does not mean that this program will be started and that this person will actually suffer from it.

The genetic "weak point" was merely the path of lowest resistance.

In previous works and investigations we have found that although the same disease patterns / symptoms are repeated in family systems (genetic predisposition / transgenerational transmission), the deeper causes that ultimately led to the outbreak of diseases or physical symptoms were fundamentally different. The genetic "weak point" was merely the path of lowest resistance.

Same symptomatology, different causes

Simply expressed (in general terms): In a two-story house, a mother lives upstairs and a daughter downstairs. The doorbell has the same ring tone for both. At the mother's door, the parcel service rings, at the daughter's, however, a friend rings. In both cases the same effect occurs - the doorbell (symptomatology). But the main cause is fundamentally different (parcel service / friend). And why did both parcel service and the friend ring the bell? Because it is the path of least resistance - that is why no one knocks on the house wall to make themselves noticed.

If the doorbell rings constantly and uninterruptedly, people usually try to stop the ringing (symptom treatment). However, what is often observed is that there is either a symptom shift - since the doorbell is no longer ringing, people now knock on the window (next path of least resistance). OR: Once the doorbell is working again, the doorbell is rung again at a later time (recurrent symptoms after an initially successful therapy).

And who or what rings that bell?

The much overrated inner child? Unprocessed experiences of our past? The ancestors? Or maybe all of them together? We have made the experience that it was NEVER only one or the other (at least when it comes to more severe diseases!). If we want to achieve a real healing / change then we can not ignore the "server side".

If we want to achieve a real healing / change then we can not ignore the "server side".

On the contrary, we must give it much more importance. We live in the year 2022, where doubting a metaphysical component is simply no longer tenable. Even more: In some cases it is fatal! It is something like in ancient Greece: When one started to claim that the heart cannot be the seat of all intelligence (as it was taught by the Egyptians), one was dismissed as a "crank". And now it needs a switch of brain / body, in accordance with an integral view, which includes the metaphysical level.

Because: All our experiences are stored as information, as a file on our 'server'. And depending on how we have experienced situations in our life, this information can influence the activities of our 'laptop' - i.e. start or stop programs.

The information stored in our metaphysical system does not only include our own experiences. Also the experiences of our ancestors, our friends or - if you believe in it or not - even the information from past incarnations can influence the programs in our organism as well as our complete emotional feeling, even our personality. And they do!

The server has a significant influence on the behavior and performance of the laptop. However, the laptop also influences the activities of the server.

And because most of this information is not on the laptop, but on the server, many interventions that are only directed at the laptop do not lead to a striking success - or they are not very sustainable (or toooooo long). The same applies to interventions that target only the server. The server has a significant influence on the behavior and performance of the laptop. However, the laptop also influences the activities of the server.

But we can consciously handle all these programs!

We are sure that someday this way of seeing will be considered standard, and we too will be seen as we today see the ancient Egyptians, which said that the seat of all intelligence is the heart.

Maybe the widespread acceptance may be reached only in the distant future. However, the sooner it is achieved, the sooner each person will be able to help himself - and 'interact' with his 'server'. Because this is innate to us.


All the relevant information of the respective 'Server' (metaphysical system) is 'read out' in our Screening process.

Recently, one of these Screening results was matched by a human genetics laboratory.

Dissolving is very easy! We show you how to free yourself from all burdening information. It is easier and faster than you can immagine.

we will be happy to accompany you


Myriam Perosa – The Human Diagnostic Decice – can very precisely retrieve all kinds of information about 'life, the universe and all the rest'. What or who are we really? How do our life dynamics arise and what influences them? With the information received, she and her partner managed to 'neutralize', among other things, all the unprocessed experiences that had unfavorably influenced their lives in some way up to that point.

Dennis A. Masseit as a coach trained in many specialist areas, has profound know-how and years of experience in dealing with people and in resolving difficult issues quickly, sustainably and efficiently. He has lectured at universities and worked with numerous top managers and top athletes.



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