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Getting in touch with yourself? Easier than even you think!

A few years ago I once came across the following quote:

Immeasurable wealth surrounds you,

when you open your spiritual eyes to look at

the infinite treasury within you.

- Joseph Murphy -

(translated from German)


And I asked myself: what use is the biggest treasure chamber if I have no idea how to open it?

Because I was neither enlightened (which I am not until today) nor did I have any meditation experience (and also no patience for it)... so for me it was clear: this treasure chamber would remain closed to me.

And while I have now relocated to Spain with my family, I once again came across Joseph Murphy with his treasury quote. And I thought to myself: How right he is.

If I had understood that twenty years ago, I would have been spared a lot.

Because the problem was: I thought that unlocking the treasury must be incredibly difficult. And correspondingly, I made it difficult for myself. Way too hard.

And "way too hard" means: it's so easy, we're teaching it to our five-year-old daughter today!

But what is this "treasure chamber" actually about,

which is not really IN us, but from which we - as matter - rather emerge?

That we are more than just matter is nowadays for many people no more out of question even than the fact that this/our metaphysical part, from which we emerge, influences our life, but also our health. But we usually don't even notice anything of the processes going on there.

Well, almost nothing. Because we experience the result of these dynamics as concrete life situations, physical symptoms or illness.

In this metaphysical part of us there is, so to say, the control center for pretty much everything we experience - but also for what we could experience and unknowingly miss!

Simplified one could say: If we change the input there, the output changes. And the output is exactly what we experience in life.

As a matter of fact, we can interact with this part of ourselves. We can change the dynamics that take place there - and whose result we experience in our lives - to our favor.

So what do we have to do to make it happen?

We have to bring ourselves in frequency. ( This again sounds quite difficult, but it is not!)

It's comparable to two Walkie-Talkies. If I want to talk to somebody using a walkie-talkie, then both devices have to send/receive on the same frequency. The "problem" is, while our metaphysical part has a stable frequency, the frequency of our matter oscillates (due to everyday life).

However, we humans do not have a rotary head on which we can quickly adjust the channel. And we don't need one!

And at this point the things are often made much too complicated.

We don't have to be enlightened nor do we need years of meditation experience or any kind of meditation experience to tune into the same frequency as our metaphysical part. This " tuning into frequency" is in fact innate to us!

What we need for this is nothing else than... the will/intention to want to do it.


Everything works on the basis of intention and energy - or in other words: intention and action. Done. That's all it needs.


We therefore only need the serious intention to want to tune us into frequency - let's call this simplified "connecting". Basically this is a matter of 2-3 minutes at the first times. Very head-heavy people in the beginning may need a few attempts more.

Once we are "connected", we can interact with - and realign - all possible parts of ourselves in a breakthrough way, according to the same principle (intention). For example, instead of letting fear dominate us, dominate or suppress it, we can simply interact with it!

It is possible for us to simply let go of what we have experienced and what is weighing us down - without even having to examine concrete situations or to know what this ballast actually is and where it comes from.

We can purposefully activate and align resources for self-healing ( in this regard we have, among other things, various laboratory results).


In contrast to most mental techniques, the moment we are "connected" we leave the purely mental level. Therefore, the processes and possibilities are also more profound and more sustainable.


We then move in " fields " where the unthinkable becomes possible. We tune ourselves into frequency, interact and then dedicate ourselves to our everyday life again.

When we learn these interactions, then we will truly understand what it means "we already have everything we need 'inside' us."

Or expressed in Joseph Murphy's words:

Immeasurable wealth surrounds you,

when you open your spiritual eyes to look at

the infinite treasury within you.

- Joseph Murphy -

I am really glad that both our eleven-year-old daughter and our little daughter are already growing up with this knowledge. Because there is nothing more wonderful than being able to give a child the keys to this deep and profound self-efficacy. What they will do with it in their further life is then their own responsibility. Because we as parents can only accompany - but we cannot walk the path instead of them.


We are more than happy to assist you in learning and performing this process on your own. Myriam Perosa knows exactly when the "connection" between you and your metaphysical part is " established", based on her skills and knowledge (learn more about Myriam Perosa: A Human Diagnostic Device). And after a few repetitions you will be able to determine this yourself, so you won't need any help for this anymore.

Dennis A.Masseit und Myriam Perosa


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