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Loss is part of the cycle of life

Sad child with Text

Death is part of the cycle of life. Life gives us the opportunity to experience emotions and, consequently, to live life in all its facets. Pain is part of it and, even if it hurts, in the end it is a form of love itself.

Feeling sad for the loss of someone makes us understand how important that person has been in our life and how much we have loved them.

As much as it hurts, and as much as the pain is hard to bear, we should be grateful for having had the chance to live with those we love. If we did not feel pain, we would not understand the true meaning of love or be able to give them the proper value and importance. Like the darkness of the night and the light of day, or the cold and the heat, only with these "contrasts" can we really appreciate what we have.

We should be grateful for every moment we live, living each moment of life in all its facets because we will never know how long someone or something will stay with us. It hurts when someone leaves, but it is right to live the pain and be sad, cry and even get angry.

It is right to live mourning in all its forms, and then let go and live the gratitude of having shared those moments with the people or animals we have loved.

So, over time, we can remember the one we loved not only the day they left us, but all those other days that accompanied us in our life, giving us emotions and making us live love.

Sadness is lived Love

In memory of our beloved 'Lucky'. Unexpectedly passed away on 18.01.2023


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