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Flying blind through life - part 2

How we create our reality - without even knowing it

Focus on "anything is possible if you just want it" and suddenly everything runs like clockwork. "Ding, dong! This is the Universal Delivery Service, I have your order!". Just like the motto: And everyone lived happily ever after. Hallelujah!


Here you will learn:

Why focus, feelings, and decisions let you slip past wonderful opportunities.


We continuously send and receive

So why do the compositions described in the first part of this article "A lifetime long the same melody" play such an extremely important role?

The information and emotions stored in our metaphysical system create dynamics, which then in turn sound the corresponding pieces of music. Our orchestra plays non-stop.

Every single one of our information particles - indeed, our entire metaphysical system - pulsates continuously and is in constant motion. And just as musical instruments produce sound waves that spread out into the environment, our metaphysical system continuously sends out vibrations into its environment as it plays its compositions. These vibrations are a very specific signal, generated from information and dynamics that take place inside our system.

And every existing information particle, including those outside our system, can both send and receive signals. A house, for example, is also a accumulation of information particles that are in constant motion, that can pulsate, receive and send signals. If the vibrations sent out by our system now meet 'same-vibrating' information particles outside of our system, these send back again a corresponding signal to us. This creates so to say a reverberation, also called resonance. Simplified expressed:


Information particles with the same 'interests' make each other understand "Hey, here you will find what you are looking for." Without us knowing and wanting it, such vibrations leave our system constantly.


We do not attract, but we move towards

And now it gets really interesting:

So we send out these signals. These are received by other systems and particles with the same or similar 'interests'. Our system detects a match, knows where the resonating information is located and says: "Autopilot activated" And off we go on our journey.

So we are constantly traveling without even having a clue where the journey is going. However, it was we who entered the destination into the autopilot. But unfortunately, most of the time without knowing it - we are literally flying blind through life.

So we don't attract, but we move towards something! And all too often we simply drive past an insane number of alternative possibilities - without even noticing it or them.



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Expectations and wrong focus make us blind

Although it may often seem as if we have no choice or alternatives, this is not the case. Most of what also exists at the same time as a problem, namely alternative ways, we do not even perceive - because of our thinking and believing, because of our expectations and because we often have the focus on the problem instead of finding or perceiving possibilities, or because we usually have a fixed idea of how something should go - or where something would come to us from. And that's exactly where we risk to ''walk into a trap''. Because we focus in a very specific direction and risk missing out on other, perhaps better opportunities that are waiting for us in a slightly different direction.

Having ideas is a good thing. But at the same time, we should always approach developments with an open mind and without concrete expectations. We cannot see further than our 'eyes' allow. We do not see how the paths that can lead us towards the goal are interconnected. But our metaphysical system can.

How we miss out on opportunities

In a 'synchronous oscillation' of information particles, it is true that there is an exchange of signals, which are signaling matching interests, from whose dynamics then possibilities can arise. But neither our metaphysical system nor that of the other involved, take the DECISION to concretize something. They merely recognize potentials and can bring them together. Decisions are then made on another level. Namely by the people themselves. And we usually do this on the basis of rational considerations - or on the basis of what feeling is triggered in us. And what decides how something makes us feel? The music notes and compositions of our orchestra! So all the information that now serves our emotions and feelings as a basis for their activity. If something feels unpleasant, then usually we don't want it or we don't do it. But just because something feels unpleasant doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do.

For example, if we want to take a different path than the one we know, it feels strange in principle at first. This is because our brain lacks a basis for calculation - it simply does not know its way around. But there can also be other reasons for a strange feeling on the "right way".

We had a case where a woman wanted to step out of her usual housewife and mother role. Her desire was simply to do things for herself as well. As soon as she became active in this regard, she was overcome by an uneasy feeling and fear. Every time an opportunity arose to participate in something that she would have really enjoyed, she gratefully refused because of this feeling. So, she had a deep desire, the opportunities arose, but she made different choices because of how she felt.

The reason for this 'bad feeling' was an information in her metaphysical system. Many of her female ancestors on her mother's side, were not allowed to take a different role. This information of her ancestors - also called transgenerational inheritance - found its way into our client's system and activated the corresponding 'warning feelings' in her.


Bottom line: just because something doesn't feel good doesn't mean it's not good or right!


The less burdening information we carry with us in our metaphysical system, the better we can perceive the paths that open up for us - and: the more harmonious the harmony of our orchestra becomes. Because it starts to play other notes, which send out other vibrations/messages, which lead us into other situations, in which we suddenly feel differently and ... possibly make other decisions.


Just as we are already guiding people around the world to free themselves from all incriminating, boycotting or sabotaging information, we are happy to help you too. It's easier and faster than you can imagine. Just contact us.


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