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Life-altering results 
and effective change
in the shortest possible time 

Transform Your Life!
Unlock Your Metaphysical System

Pain that doesn't go away or suddenly moves?

Outbursts of emotion or ongoing diffuse feelings?

Life situations that keep repeating?

Therapy, coaching etc. without lasting success?

Are you looking for help?
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A 14-year-old girl with a mental disability and a genetic defect has developed qualitative mental capabilities. Read more about it here.

Don't despair!

We know what to do !

Have you ever felt like you have been unable to move forward in life? Have you felt stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering? If so, Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit may have the answer.


Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit have seen incredible results
from their work:

ranging from the disappearance of metastasis in only three months, to a girl with a genetic defect suddenly being able to do things she couldn't do before, to individuals who were overwhelmed by fear suddenly living an ordinary life.

Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masset accompany, guide, and teach people around the world on how to access the part of themselves that is invisible to the eye yet has such an impact on life and health — their metaphysical systems.

For regulating emotions and feelings, activating our self-healing powers, or developing our potential.

We understand what you're going through, 

and we have the skills and experience to help you 

unlock the power within your metaphysical system.

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We have embarked on an incredible experiment using laboratory-based tests.

We have already seen and proven that it is possible to reprogram our cells consciously - with astounding results. But the aging process affects our self-healing abilities and the speed at which our body can regenerate. So what else is possible when we reprogram ourselves?


In previous tests, we have already noticed that a client suffering from muscular dystrophy began to have cells working differently, which resulted in muscle soreness without any exercises being done. In another person, a strong lactose intolerance suddenly vanished.


What are our expectations of the experiment?

Depending on the health condition before the change, the body may begin to heal and repair itself. Among the hormones and proteins that could potentially be affected by this change are cortisol, testosterone, insulin and estrogen. The DHEA level should rise, leading to improved metabolism, immune system function, etc. In addition, proteins such as collagen and elastin should be affected as they are crucial to the aging process. We are very excited and curious! We will keep you updated.


Learn more about how Dennis A. Masseit and Myriam Perosa have already helped numerous people worldwide. And why they can help you too!

In our media library you will find a selection of short videos!

What is a metaphysical System ? 

And how does it influence our Life ?

The metaphysical system is an invisible network of information particles and other components — that influences our lives in many ways. For example, our feelings, emotions, beliefs, as well as our experiences, and it is always in flux. By interacting with the metaphysical system, we can gain deep insights into our lives. And: we can use it to achieve desired results, such as regulating emotions and feelings, activating our self-healing powers, or developing our potential.

With Results that sometimes could be described as miracles.

Learn more about our work and the results

Julia Milan

Journalist and

"The Methodical System Regulation according to Dennis A. Masseit and Myriam Perosa elevates the concept of "Inner Work" to a whole new level. With techniques developed and tested by them, which are easy to learn, they guide people to interact with their own system to heal themselves physically and to develop personally — with astonishing, even unbelievable results. So much so that one wonders: Can it be this easy? It can!"







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Whether it's about anxiety, physical symptoms, or even illnesses, Myriam Perosa & Dennis A. Masseit help people all over the world to bring about lasting change in their lives.

Myriam Perosa and Dennis A. Masseit have developed a unique approach to working with the metaphysical system, which includes using Myriam's special abilities to access each person's metaphysical system and uncover the underlying causes of physical symptoms, emotional states, and repeating life patterns.

They then guide the person to take action and dissolve what is no longer needed, as well as teaching them how to interact with every single part of their metaphysical system. The results they have seen in their clients' lives are truly astonishing.

Through this powerful method, they can help people to achieve life-altering results, such as self-healing abilities, overcoming fear and other obstacles, and improving physical health.

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Without hocus-pocus, without hours of meditation practice, without hallucinogenic or other substances, without years of spiritual training, without enlightenment. And without the heaviness often associated with all these topics.


From Our Blog

Jörg Seewald

Radiospeaker and Journalist

"Basically, I'm rather skeptical of people who want to somehow screw around in my psyche. But Dennis asked me, "Don't you want to know how it feels, what we're doing?" 

I still had fifteen minutes. All right: something small.

My latent resentment toward my parents flashed through my mind again. Would it never end, I had wondered just that morning while brushing my teeth, with so many years already gone by. Fifteen minutes is enough, Dennis said - and they started to guide me.

I didn't really had to do much. But still enough that tears welled up in my eyes. On my drive home, I felt more empty than I had ever felt before. That night, I slept more deeply than I ever had before. And the next day, I felt so light. Unusually light. The resentment towards the parents: as if it had vanished. Even after a year nothing has changed in this regard.


From that perspective, I can and must be a voucher for what Myriam and Dennis are accomplishing."

Tippen am Computer

Take the first step towards unlocking the power of your metaphysical system

Our work has been proven by multiple laboratories and has produced tangible results !

Discover the power of Methodical System Regulation according to MasseitPerosa: A revolutionary technique that can help you to tap into the potential of your own system and decouple all the information that boycotts, sabotages or burdens you from your system. 

Experience the amazing results for yourself!

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